Throw Back Post: WVRST

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My boyfriend and I went to WVRST late last year, but I never got around to posting about it until now (hence that's why it's a "Throw Back Post", or TBP in short for future references???). WVRST specializes in different kinds of hot dogs — from German sausage to the good ol' American styled kind, there is a good variety to choose from. They even have kangaroo sausage!

I didn't manage to take a photo of the outside sign that night (probably because it was a bit chilly and we wanted to get inside), but the way they spelt their name reminded me of how one of my really close university friends would spell certain words, making it look uber hipster. Yes Jem, I'm definitely looking at you :P

I've always been more of a hot dog person than a burger person. Maybe it was the fact that there is more surface area to indulge in my (sometimes) unhealthy obsession with ketchup, versus the compact area of a burger patty? Haha I don't know. Either way, I enjoyed the food for that night. I ordered Italian sausage while my boyfriend ordered German. We both added onions and sweet peppers as sides, and exchanged bites to taste what each other's hot dogs were like. The Italian sausage tasted sweet and chewy, just right up my alley. I was a bit surprised because half the time, Italian sausages would be a bit spicy too, but this one didn't have any of that. I'm a total softie when it comes to spice, so ++ appeal points for me :)

The only criticism I had was that for $6, the hot dogs weren't that big, so for someone with a bigger appetite than I, they would probably need to order a side of fries to accompany their main order. So quality wise, definitely uncommon and well prepared, it's just that you're paying more for quality than quantity.

If I happen to be on King and craving a hot dog, I would definitely stop by WVRST again.

Until next time!

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