3/15 & 3/16th

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Truth be told, I shouldn't have just limited my title to this weekend, but considering how my last "miscellaneous" post was during the weekend, I thought maybe that would be a good title.

My weekend so far (even though it's about to end... pretty much)? Good and unexpected.

I started off with Friday night eating dinner with a couple of coworkers/friends at Joey's. I'll have a separate post sometime later!

I didn't expect to stay in the Richmond Hill/Markham area the majority of my Saturday, but aside from certain events that didn't necessarily concern myself personally too much, it turned out to be a good thing being in that location. By chance, I discovered an additional franchise expansion of a dessert/bubble tea place that I haven't gone to in a really long time, so it was nice to revisit and also try out new items on their menu. Here's a sneak peak of what made my afternoon:

I didn't have much time to myself on Saturday as much as I'd like to, but I at least spent a good majority of the day finishing the scarf I was working on for the past two weeks as a very belated Christmas present for a friend of mine. While I couldn't take a picture of the actual infinity scarf due to planning conflicts, here is a photo of the leftover yarn:

And aside from that, I have managed to finish the 2nd joker claptrap and start progress on the Ace of Clubs card,  but otherwise, my Borderlands playing cards personal project has been on a standstill. I will slowly get this done though. I just wish the outlet in the kitchen of my workplace would actually work so that I can migrate my laptop there without having to worry about its' crappy battery life : /

In the meantime, I am almost bursting at the seams when it comes to upcoming food posts on this blog. I want to post about Ryoji, Joeys (as I've mentioned earlier), the place I went to yesterday and now, the AYCE sushi place that I went with one of my closest friends today!

food posts everywhere :D

Speaking of which, aside from taking a million pictures of the food and sharing life stories with him, we also chilled a bit afterwards. He loves mangoes, so when I told him about the 5.99 deal (for a crate of 12 mangoes!) at T&T supermarket, we just had to go so he could buy his own crate :P

Yes, he is hugging multiple crates of mangoes hahah :P

For the last several hours of this weekend, I guess I'll catch up on errands, start editing pictures, writing some food blog posts and relax a bit :)

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