Art Inspiration: Janko Pocuca

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

While doing visual research for my job, I came across a piece by Janko Pocuca. I had looked at maybe a dozen or so graffiti pieces that day on (and mind you, they were very well done), but this particular artist stuck out to me the most.

Usually, when you think of graffiti, you think of crazy, sometimes incoherent lettering that just look like abstract forms. Or maybe you think of bubble letters, or lettering that is legible, accompanied by ornamental aesthetics such as spray splatters, slick illustrations and a plethora of colours. Pocuca's work isn't short of the latter, nope. The thing that made him oddly distinct from the other graffiti pieces I've seen that day however, is the sheer whimsicality of his work.

If you look at the select few pictures of his work below, you'll see what I mean. In a way, his illustrative style kind of reminds me of Ren and Stimpy (wooo 90's kids would probably know which cartoon this is, not that I watched this cartoon much), just with more pleasing aesthetics. His characters have this non-sensical silliness to it that you don't find in a lot of graffiti. Maybe I haven't seen too many renowned graffiti or something, but I always had the impression that most graffiti artists just want their work to look cool, to have some sort of social documentary to it, or they don't really have a meaning behind it. 

Anyway, here is some of Janko's stuff:

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