First Snowfall of the Year

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mother nature decided to be two days late in sprinkling snow, but it finally snowed nonetheless. I don't know if it's just me, but it feels nice when fresh packing snow crunches from the weight of my feet. The thought of packing snow brings instant nostalgia of building snow forts, snowmen and snowball fights back in elementary/middle school.

The only picture I could really take of the snow... crappy picture, I know. I still need to learn how to take night photos... 

It's hard to believe that my Christmas break will be ending soon, now that I think about it. However, I don't think I would've spent it any other way. Even though my sleeping schedule is kind of messed, I'm happy for the freedom of being able to sleep till almost noon whenever I please. And although the beginning (and even now kind of) was somewhat hectic because my social life was evoked from its dormant state, it was nice to relax and talk to people. 
Karaoke with the YSDN kids at Mix2 (Dec. 14th)

mmmmm hot milk tea :D

deciding what to get at a Vietnamese restaurant


At Congee Dynasty (Dec 18th)

mmmm BBT :)

Beef Lo Mein :)

Chinese dessert

Birthday boy

ornaments from my family christmas tree!

Christmas dinner party at a friend's place (Dec 25th)

dinner at Bayview Garden with the parents

pig neck and hot pot rice?

scallops and cuttlefish with rice

It was also nice to actually spend some time to work on something that was supposed to be up three months ago: my portfolio. Still gotta work on the jQuery aspect of it though, along with actually putting my work up there.

Wow... I think this is the longest photo post I had yet, haha

Christmas Frenzy

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I haven't posted here in awhile, have I?

This is due to the fact that I pretty much had your typical design student's nightmare with printing certain things and well... rushing to hand everything in, and feeling the shittiest ever because pretty much everything got pushed back and well... *exhales*. It's all over now. There's no use in looking at the "could haves" or "should haves" because what's done is done. I can only look at the days ahead that are slowly being ticked off one by one because naturally, people want to hang out and see each other during the break. So um, even more time management skill is needed to balance social-life with projects I wanna work on? Uh huh. So far, it's not working. Well... if I finish this post quickly I can get started on some stuff I guess... then again, due to YSDN screwing up my sleeping schedule recently, I doubt I'd be sleeping by 12.

I haven't gotten the chance to take some "quality" photos lately, so unless if you're up to see average photos of my friends and I during our hang out at Karaoke, then by all means, look forward to the next post. Though... I will post pictures of my cellphone charms for the next post as well. Unfortunately, these 3 months have proved to be too much for a good half of my charms, because they either go missing (R.I.P beautiful silver tassel that all my friends love to play with) or their paint job chips horribly (le fake pearls) so I was forced to get different things altogether. Whatever. I now have a feather and it's pretty frikkin' awesome. Let's hope nothing like paint chipping will happen to that.

Lastly, I want to thank all the people that have glanced or looked at my blog. It's still pretty unknown to most of the world, but to the ones that took time to look at my pictures and read my thoughts, I appreciate that. I truly do :)

Crunch Time!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

So I have a feeling that I'm going to have a Mt.Eden music haul... yay! I haven't had any of their new stuff in the longest time and some of their newly released tracks stays true to the "chillstep" that I've loved from the very beginning. If you want to listen or download, I would suggest on following them on facebook. They have a link to Soundcloud directly on their post. Now if only my iPod connection wasn't messed up, haha.

I hope I'll be able to pull an all-nighter tonight to get some progress on my work. I haven't been able to accomplish that this year. I've gotten much more weak-willed this year than I have previous years. Is it because I'm growing old? Or because I haven't been as healthy before since I lack much more exercise this year compared to previous years? I don't know. Either way, I gotta man up tonight. I was hoping to get a good bulk of my app-making class done but I can't even connect to the server that has all the php scripts.... guess I'll work on the aesthetics of the other portions... which are only additions and not the main component. *le sigh*

And today would actually be my last day of Time-Based communication if only I was fortunate to skip out on the colitis Sunday night. I'm not going to go into details about how bad it was (you can go google that yourself if you're curious) but I've never felt this miserable eating bland food. The 30 hr famine was at least, 30 hours. But this? I have no idea how I got through 2-3 days of eating just congee/rice porridge when I had my wisdom teeth removed earlier this year; then again, there was pain involved. It's weird. When you have nothing wrong with you, you kind of take the simple pleasures of life for granted. Then BOOM! You can't eat normal food for a week, and you have the biggest cravings for food that tastes different from rice porridge. I was SO TEMPTED to eat just one fry from the Harvey's combo I ordered for a friend (silly me, I thought I could give them the hamburger and leave the fries with myself— nope!) but I managed to resist temptation. If I give in, there's no stopping, which would've been really bad. What have I learned from this experience? I guess if I really put my mind into resisting (and being the stubborn person that I am), I won't give in to temptation. Not food wise anyway. Oh, and to never trust the iced-tea from the Wendy's at the university I go to; at least not the ones that aren't bottled anyway.

When I'm done this real-food-hiatus I'm going to savour every moment of the fries I will order, every sip of the green tea latte that I absolutely adore from Second Cup, every bite of yogurt (the kind where you can mix the fruit with the yogurt too!) and quite possibly the beef Pad Sew. A couple of my friends were eating it for a snack/early dinner today. I probably looked calm and composed on the outside, but I was really tortured by the delectable aroma their food gave off :/

I think I've procrastinated enough writing my pathetic/miserable mindset of the past couple days to the world; I've got 2 questions that require 2000 words each for a take-home exam for a Monday morning class, refinement/compilation of process work/printing of my Information Design class and my Communication Class to do and well... I'll wait till I'm actually better to film the last portions of my film project for what was today's class. In the meantime, I'll be having fun (uhhh hahahah) with the other projects.

Christmas Break, y u no come sooner?!

I can't wait to skate at the public city hall ice rink ya know :D

P.S. Who knows, maybe the Christmas Break will prompt me to do less complaining or something. I hope I haven't over burdened you guys with too much ranting D: