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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Warning: You may begin to salivate after viewing these photos, especially if you're a huge sushi fan :)

I think half the fun of blogging (for me at least) is the processing of the photography that accompanies each post. With this one specifically, yes, it makes me kind of crave my all-time favorite Green Dragon roll again, but sushi is one of those things where it's best for me to have only once in awhile, for me to truly appreciate the wonderful taste it exudes.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I had lunch with a close friend of mine, Jem, whom I shared many good and bad memories back in university. I barely get to see this guy due to differing work locations, and despite living in the same city, we're both often tossed around by busy schedules. It was nice to see him after a month or so, because the last time I saw him, we were having a belated birthday celebration for me. With this guy, sushi and food photography is a big thing for him, so I'm grateful that there's a level of understanding for the extra shots of food I ended up taking :P

And onto the food!

Normally at an AYCE sushi joint, you would just get the traditional miso soup. At K&B? You have the choice to choose unconventional options such as the corn and egg white soup above. Loved this type of soup growing up so of course I chose this one!

Jem was raving about this dish even before we stepped in, haha. Stir Fried Udon noodle mixed with vegetables and chicken. A bit salty for my personal preferences, but aside from that, still pretty tasty! 

Chicken Katsu. No, we didn't order two, haha. Crispy and not too dry, so it's what you would expect (clearly I'm not a Chicken Katsu connoisseur...).

From left to right on the plate: Green Dragon Roll, Eel Skin roll, and Dynamite roll. Maybe I got lucky that day and landed with extra smooth avocado for the Green Dragon roll, or maybe K&B has the expertise to execute a better quality in their avocado based sushi compared to other AYCE places. Either way, I had never experienced the sensation of melt-in-your-mouth-smooth avocado on sushi before, so K&B already landed itself to be a place I'd consider for AYCE the next time if I ever got the chance.

When it comes to sushi, I'm open to try new pieces I have not yet tried before. I was completely fine with the Eel skin order, even though I would normally order pieces that are BBQ Eel. As I've learned that day, those two things may originate from the same animal, but the way it tastes is quite different. Not that I didn't enjoy it, it was certainly different than I had expected. The skin has a slight leathery texture that I was unfamiliar with, so I'd have to say that my preference still lies with barbecued eel as opposed to just its skin.

From left to right on plate: Spicy Avocado Roll???; Avocado and Cucumber Roll.

... Can you tell that I'm a huge fan of avocado yet? :)

Crab Meat Handroll, Shrimp Tempura and Salmon Teriyaki

Left to right on plate: Red Dragon Roll, combination of Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll and Philadelphia Roll, and... I forgot what the last grouping was because Jem ate all of them. I have a feeling they were spicy rolls too, which would explain why I didn't touch any of them.

The Philadelphia Roll was another menu item I had never had before. The fact that it had "Philadelphia" cheese to begin with was a new taste experience. Not bad, but I would've preferred less cheese. Personal preference of mine, most definitely. 

Chicken Teriyaki Roll! Reminds me of the gigantic ones from Sushi One :) I liked these ones too. The Chicken Teriyaki wasn't too salty, and they weren't too big for my mouth to engulf in one bite.

Gotta close off with some green tea ice cream for dessert. Of course, Jem being Jem, would have mango ice cream :P

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