Monday, 17 March 2014

Normally I would post an entry on a food place based on first time experience, but for this place, this is different. I wasn't expecting to go to Joey's for a second time so soon, so I couldn't quite call this a 'tbp' just yet :P

The first time I knew of its existence was when my close friend from university mentioned to me that he was going to a friend's birthday gathering at that restaurant downtown. I hadn't realized then that Joey's was a franchise with multiple locations, and that it was more similar to Moxie's as opposed to the 'The Keg'esque impression that I had when I heard of his experience there. Somehow I conjured this idea that I would probably never really go there unless if there was some sort of super special occasion, which explains why I was surprised to find myself there with a couple of coworkers late last year. We went to the location at Yorkdale since it was relatively easy to get to.

I realize now that I had neglected to take pictures of the interior the first and second time around. I guess I got so caught up in the conversations I had with my coworkers/friends that I forgot :( For both times we dined on the ground floor, so I still have no idea what the upper floor looks like. Maybe the third time's a charm and I'll be able to accomplish both...?

Jody absolutely loves mojitos, so the first time we went, she ordered a pomegranate flavored one. That alone was enough to convince me to order one myself.

I was scanning the menu when I came across a dish that I thought would be interesting to try — Lobster Grilled Cheese. I love seafood in general, but there is a special place in my heart when it comes to lobster. I personally think it's the deliciousness and rarity of eating lobster cooked "Chinese style" that makes it so exciting for me every time I do get to eat some.

For 15 bucks, this was not a bad choice at all! I was thoroughly pleased that the cheese in the sandwich was not overwhelming my taste buds and didn't left me feeling nauseated or "bleh". It wasn't too salty and there was just the right amount of lobster meat to create a harmonious blend of flavours. The salad was satisfying too. I found myself looking forward to every almond(I don't remember entirely... it may have been pecan) nut I could find in there to taste that tangy-sweet-but-a-tiny-bit-of-sour flavour and usually salads are not something I am crazy about. It's not that I hate salads, they're just not that exciting to me.

The second time at Joey's, Jody ended up ordering what I had the first time, but with fries as a side, as opposed to my salad the first time around.

I wanted to try something different, so I ordered the Chicken Fettucine Alfredo instead.

Again, this dish had the right amount of sauce without making me feel sick of the cheesy taste. The chicken was cooked with enough tenderness that would make me finish the meal peacefully, but I think that an even softer texture would truly allow a 'wow' to escape my lips. Overall, it was a good meal, and personally, the amount of pasta was good that I wasn't overly full or left still hungry.

The good company and excellent service by the waiting staff contributed even further to pleasant night out, so I don't regret a thing.

Until next time!

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