Losing Things, Bubble Tea and Teriyaki

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

As is always the case, I tend to lose things during the year. Everyone does, no? However, I had hoped that this year, I could try to not lose anything that is essential to my daily routine/work/life such as my pencil case, lab cards, IDs, etc. So much for that. Already, I had lost the three things I had mentioned (ok, well my lab cards and IDs got returned to me today, and I didn't exactly lose them per se, but it still felt like I did) this year, and there are of course, other things that are not as important, but still have their place in my heart. For instance, the tassel ornament that I added with various other charms for my cellphone, I think it snapped off while I was at Chapters today :( And let's hope I didn't lose one of my necklaces, cause this time its value (and physical form) is definitely irreplaceable. Cross my fingers that my necklace is where I think it might be...

In shooting segments for my project 2 for Time-Based Communication today, I went to Bubble Republic because it's one of the more well known bubble tea places in my city, and from what I know, uniquely in this area with a vibe that is different from other places such as Destiny. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of kids today the time I went (then again, it is a school day today) so I might have to come back again to shoot at night just to capture its' very essence... oh well. At least I got my peach green tea bbt!

And the epic stairs of the City Hall :P (just because I had to do some footage yesterday for my Time-Based as well)

And here comes more pictures... of the Teriyaki chicken I first tried cooking last week! It was mostly a success, but the only thing I found was that I cooked the sauce too early so when it cooled down, it started solidifying! *le gasp* It still tasted good though. Just a note to self to cook later to maintain that semi-viscous texture next time...
Garlic rice mixed with egg and a bit of ketchup (this wasn't made by me btw)

Teriyaki chicken!

Catching Up is Always Hard to Do...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sort of. Not really. School maybe. I feel like I've had a lot of instances this year in which I lagged behind; partially because I felt the need to redo a project/assignment or be... no it's solely because I had to redo stuff. But sooner or later, it will all be over because in two weeks, there's Christmas break! In the meantime, I shall recall other recent happenings with pictures because everybody loves looking at pictures :)

Regretfully, I had not received pictures of the butter chicken I had (proudly) made all by myself since I forgot my camera that day and I had to borrow a phone to take those pictures. I shall get those soon!

I do however, have a few pictures of my recent adventure to the International Centre for the DesignCity expo(?) that happened last Saturday. Big name printers like Epson, HP, Fujifilm and Heidelberg were there, as well as an assortment of printing services (though most are not retail), paper companies like Coast Paper and Spicer (damnit, I'm still kind of sad I couldn't get any samples from them) and some presentations like live software tutorials were there. I even met the lady of the Mississauga branch of Keng Seng, whom I haven't seen in the longest time. She's still as nice as ever :)
Being a total loser and marvelling at the display of clean design

This company based in Qu├ębec specializes in button machinery/ button making, lanyards, keychains  and plastic bracelets...

Heidelberg's heavy duty printing press

And their die cutter....

Foamcore being cut

Paint displays?

More printing machinery...

Fujifilm printing marvel comic book posters... too bad they stopped printing when I was waiting in line

Somebody was building this stack of cards. T'was pretty awesome.

Ernest Green's die-cutter machinery was cutting this foamcore of assorted characters when it broke. Again I was in line waiting at the time. What is up with me lining up and not getting stuff?! Must be my stroke of luck that day...

One of the winners of the International Awards

Taking pictures of the vast airport field while waiting for the bus...

Yep, that reflection of that yellow bag was the bag I was carrying... full of stuff!

I didn't want to take a picture of all the magazines, flyers and pamphlets I got so I decided to take a picture of the more exciting things like this colour paper sample

Oooooohhh shiny foil :D