Productive/Food Weekend

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I realize that it's already the middle of the week but last weekend had such good photo ops that I couldn't pass out on them; plus, I've been on a productivity high(ish) so I'm excited for when (what I'm currently working on) is finally done... (and I can unveil it on the internet).

I think that productivity high was the result of me actually taking the time and effort to take care of myself in one aspect of my life (at least starting to). I always tend to neglect myself due to other priorities, so it was refreshing to have some "me time" that wasn't entirely dedicated to either freelance work/design, or a mental break that would usually result in myself endlessly browsing the internet. Now if only I get around to using that facial mask... lol.

Currently, I'm in the middle of a "design renovation" for a personal project of mine (aka my portfolio). Maybe it's just me, but I get kind of antsy when I see that the stuff/layout I'm displaying on the web right at this moment is already two years old. It feels a bit dated, especially my colour choice back then, and there are some visual adjustments I've already made that I want implemented so badly. But patience, because I still have quite some work to do...

NYC 2015 (DAY 2...ISH)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our second day started rather late, as we were finally ready around noon. I can't really blame my cousins though — one wasn't feeling well (even though she took medication and even a heating pack) and the other was still a bit jet-lagged. I don't think we were as indecisive this time though, as I remembered my Australian cousin showing interest in a restaurant on our way back from the shopping trip* we did the day before. 

*Correction: it wasn't just my cousin buying stuff... I realized I forgot to mention that I ended up buying stuff for my homeslice too. My cousin was teasing me the whole trip about how funny it was that my homeslice wanted not 1, not 3, but 5 of the same funko pops to sell, lol. 

NYC 2015 (DAY 1...ISH)

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Last Monday just felt like a whirlwind/a complete reality smack in the face — not only did I return back to work, part of my workplace was dealing with moving into a new separate unit. I wasn't here last (last) Friday, so I was completely disoriented when I went into the old marketing office seeing almost nothing there at all, and spent most of the morning trying to organize my laptop, monitor, external hard drive, the 432940382943208 cables that came with my work set-up, and settling down with my new space (and 100x better office chair, yes!). But let's not jump too ahead of ourselves, as the latter half of the week before 2 weeks ago made for one of the major highlights of my summer (along with that camping trip a month ago too)...

Back to Reality

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm still trying to settle back into my usual surroundings (aka trying to get my shit together) at the moment, so as much as a post about how NYC went around for me this time is anticipated, I still need to process the photos -______-'

I only really started putting stuff away yesterday you guys!

But here's a teaser image to start off...

Of course I would include a picture of something related to the NYC subway system... lol