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Monday, 14 April 2014

The last time I ate in a buffet was in Las Vegas back in December of last year. Otherwise, I don't really eat in buffets; maybe I'm just growing out of wanting to go to such things?

Two (or was it three?) weeks ago, one of my dear friends had gotten back from India so a get-together was pretty much mandatory (in the good sense). Jem had heard good things about Wok of Fame so we decided to try.

The decor at the reception area was kind of reminiscent of Mandarin (I'm not a fan, bluntly put) with the oriental looking indoor pond housing koi and live turtles (oh those poor things getting hit by plastic leaves thrown by the children...), but the similarities pretty much end there.

They even had a pianist to play pieces while you ate. That was pretty cool.

This buffet had ample room. In the photo above, they had a whole cabinet/fridge dedicated to water bottles and drink dispensers. I mean, they even had secondary dispensers for just juice! See that, you don't come across everyday.

This is what I started with — always gotta start with a salad :) This gave me time to catch up with my friends while taking things slowly.

And here is the selling point of the whole buffet: there is a section of raw food you would put on your plate (i.e. chicken, squid, beef, bean sprouts, egg noodle, udon noodle, etc, etc) so that you can line up and get it freshly cooked by the workers. You get a choice of choosing your sauce and it's pretty much customizing your main meal.

In the direct photo above, this is what I ordered: Shitake mushrooms, imitation crab meat, bean sprouts and chicken pieces with egg noodle, cooked with garlic sauce. I really liked the outcome of my choices. Back in university, I would always order Teriyaki sauce for my take-out noodle meals for dinners and I never really tried anything else, so I wanted a change. The garlic sauce wasn't too prominent in taste that it hindered the other components of the dish, and it wasn't overly salty either.

My second main course. I couldn't resist fries and BBQ pork, sorry :P

I almost felt like a kid at a candy store when I saw this buffet's dessert section; then again, I was also cursing out loud because I couldn't have half of the selection due to the restrictions of my allergy attack (no strawberries or chocolate). This is what I ended up getting:

Whereas Jem got this much:

... and that doesn't even compare to the ridiculousness that I saw my other friends have (regrettably I didn't document that, or else it would've been a pretty funny comparison).

With good company and decently good food, I had an enjoyable experience at Wok of Fame, even if it meant getting stared down at by a worker there because I kept taking pictures of the place. No joke, this is what my friends and I thought of when we think of that incident:

Until next time!

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