Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Destiny is a bubble tea and snack franchise that can only be found in the Richmond Hill and Markham area. I don't go there very often, and as said in a previous post, I didn't expect to go here that day. Comparing Destiny to my local bubble tea joints is not the fairest comparison, as each place has its strengths and weaknesses. I would say my local BBT places are better in the main meal compartment, while Destiny has more variety and quality in their desserts.

The particular branch I went to didn't have the best interior decor (or rather, nothing spectacular in my perspective), so I neglected to take a picture of my surroundings. It may also be the fact that I was hoping for the super soft and comfy sofa like booth seats (that I so vividly remember from my first time at the Richmond Hill branch) only to be left with hard dull plastic ones. 

From left to right: Hazelnut Latte, Green Tea Latte, Cappucino Latte?

That day was kind of chilly, so my parents and I decided to order a warmer drink. Being the green tea fanatic that I am, I was pleased that a latte form of the flavor was available at the bubble tea place. I don't know if I missed the fine print on the menu, but somehow I assumed that tapioca would be included (bubble tea ordering fail) so my experience was a bit lacking when I got my drink. Also, I think I got too used to the flavoring of the Matcha Green Tea Latte at Second Cup, because the one I got at Destiny didn't have as strong as a flavor. I wouldn't add sugar to it per se; maybe they didn't use as much Matcha Green Tea powder? I tried a bit of my mom's Hazelnut Latte and the taste was a bit on the tame side too. Hmm.

My dad decided to order a slice of cake for $5.99. I think he got the chocolate truffle one. While I didn't take a bite, I could tell it was incredibly moist and even looking at the photo now, I kind of regret not taking a bite. 

I myself got tempted to order a slice of cake too. I opted for the cookies and cream slice. Again, this slice of cake was moist, the chocolate ganache layer on the top wasn't too hard or thick, and there wasn't too much cream, which was perfect in my eyes. I enjoyed every bite I had of this medium sized slice and even though I wasn't that hungry for dinner later that night, I'd say it was totally worth it!

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