DIY Vest

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I for one, am guilty for taking some of my mother's things sometimes — clothes included. Somehow during my childhood, I had taken a vest of hers and did this crime:

Like other stupid things I've done as a kid, I cringe every time I look at this vest because the fabric is actually not a bad colour and the decently larger armholes allows for more wardrobe versatility (my mom decided to just give this to me since she doesn't really wear it anymore... I don't blame her!). It had been sitting in my 'DIY' pile for the longest time, until I finally figured out how I would cover that ugly leftover puff paint (and actually got my butt to go to the closest Fabricland).

• vest
• crochet trim (11/4 m, $3.40 per metre)
• pins
• cream coloured thread
• sewing needle

1. I started off pinning the crochet trim to the edge of the vest along the seam line. I didn't want to line the whole vest so I stuck to the front and avoided the collar area.

2. I chose to hand sew because with the sewing machines I do have at home, I do feel a bit intimidated (and I miss the sewing machines they had back in high school... maybe I should invest in one sometime...?). So yes, this procedure was much more arduous, but if you're comfortable with your sewing machine then sew away :) After threading my sewing needle, I stitched along the edge of the crochet trim and in the middle to tightly secure it.

And I'm done!

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