Designer Quirk #3: Having internal (designer) heart attacks during a meeting

Monday, 6 October 2014

Okay, this gif isn't EXACTLY spot on with the situation, but it's close enough....

I get it. Not everyone is going to have a (design-oritented) mind like mine, so sometimes visual details can be seen as unnecessary. But at the same time, there was a template and a standard written/compiled for a reason :/

Some of the things going through my mind during the meeting:

"... Why are the titles centered??? I specifically put them as left-flushed for a reason."

" They threw my layout margins completely out of the window!"

" This is exactly the opposite of what I had intended for this file..."

" All those damn double spaces after sentences is starting to eat away at me..."

" Is that inconsistent leading I see on this slide?!?!"

" This is one of the driest things I've seen in awhile. Holy shit this is gonna need some major reworking. Goddamn, why didn't they consult me first? I would've helped them curate the content AND the visuals. I know I'm just a wee little graphic designer, but I'm not all just about pretty pictures you know"

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