Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I was supposed to post this on Monday, but I got preoccupied by other things, so ya...

Usually I'm a quiet Friday night-in kind of girl (after badminton that is), but there are times I'd make an exception. This (past) weekend was one of them...

A childhood friend of mine recently had her birthday, so this past Friday was her "official" celebration with her closest friends. We dined at Hush to start the night off.

I've been to Hush before for another friend's birthday, so I had a slight sense of nostalgia when I arrived at their long "party" table consisting of a dark smoothed out wooden trunk on one end and regular high top tables on the other. Like other times I go to the same restaurant twice, I ordered a dish I hadn't tried, just to keep my eating experiences diverse.

This time, I ordered the Chicken Avocado Wrap. I don't eat avocados very often, so I savour each opportunity that I do. I love that shit. Seriously. This was a lovely meal for the night to say the least. I was generally happy with it, as the chicken wasn't too dry or too salty, and the portions weren't too huge. If I were to nitpick though, I would've preferred a slightly larger ratio of avocado slices to lettuce, just because of my bias towards the former. Oh, and I would've been absolutely okay without the side fries. The wrap portions were enough to satiate me for the night and it didn't help that I was dressed up for the occasion, so the possibility of a "food belly" plagued my mind here and there.

And it wasn't until now that I vaguely remembered that I got coaxed by Minh to have a little snack beforehand, so that may contribute to me having felt full as well...

After some lovely cake and rounds of photo taking by everyone, we headed to Brassai, a classy looking restaurant/lounge.

When we arrived, our group kind of got split up. Some were chatting in front of the lounge before splitting off to go elsewhere, some went to the washroom, and then there was me, following along like a docile sheep, haha. The guys decided to take up the opportunity to receive free drinks, as we were each handed a card when we walked in.

The demographics were mostly of the older crowd, so our party stayed outside at the heated patio rather than the lounge inside. The girls, including myself, sat on comfortable furniture away from the bar, the smoke, the possible stares of cradlerobbers, and chatted over miscellaneous topics. It was strangely serene given the context we were in.

Just when I was getting used to it, some of the party wanted to go elsewhere, so with a general consensus, we left Brassai.

Initially, what was left of our party (some people dipped as the night went on) wanted to head over to Cabin (?), but the birthday girl has been there before, feeling that place was grimy and inappropriate for the kind of formal wear we were dressed in. So we split up, with each group segregating into smaller groups of four. I followed the birthday girl to Easy and the Fifth just a block down, which was reminiscent of her birthday two years ago.

It was Asian Night at Easy, and it was really crowded, something I had not expected (then again, I barely even go clubbing, so what do I know?). Speaking of expectations, I had none really, but I ended up having a decently good time. The DJ there played a good mix of wayback playbacks, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, some EDM and even Trap music. I soon found myself dancing in a much carefree nature, keeping closely together with my other three friends.

It's funny, even if we kept to ourselves, some creepers still tried to intervene. I'm just glad that my friends had my back, pulling me away when it was the right time. I can still vividly recall the hilarity of the birthday girl putting her hand infront of a guy's face while he tried to nudge into our group as Taylor Swift's "You Belong with Me" was playing. Props to my girl for keeping it classy yet funny at the same time :P

There was also another instance during the night that stuck out in my memory — instead of a guy approaching my group, it was a girl and her two guys friends. She was being their wingwoman for the night, and was pretty polite about it, even when we declined. I feel like this kind of gesture isn't as common, but I still appreciated it deep inside. With the kind of culture that twenty-somethings find themselves in nowadays, it's rare to see this sense of formality in a place that would normally be otherwise. It was endearing how considerate they were, and it was refreshing to see compared to some of the more obnoxious behavior seen that night.

Sooner or later, my group got tired, and we headed out around 2 am. I didn't sleep till 3.

My body clock has been programmed to wake up relatively early on Saturday mornings to bring down the laundry, so I was awake by 9. My friends were still sleeping peacefully, so I laid down on my air mattress, writing part of this blog post on my phone and staring mindlessly at the light and shadows that would pass by on the ceiling.

Eventually 12 pm rolled by, and we all got ready to go for a late brunch at Caplansky's (man, at this rate, I got a whole queue of food posts to write...).

As much as I enjoyed my friends' company, I had to cut our time short to make it in time for my lessons in the late afternoon. I guess I could've done with more sleep, because by the time I was in the gymnasium warming up with clears and drops, I found that my shots weren't the best (not relaxed enough) and I got tired pretty easily.

After that, my boyfriend and I joined a few acquaintances for an HK-styled dinner and some bubble tea afterwards. It was nice to see a couple of familiar faces I hadn't seen in a long time.

Sunday was more routine, as I played badminton in the morning, had dim sum with the parents, and chilled with the boyfriend for a good chunk of the afternoon.

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