Monday, 29 September 2014

I don't know why, but I keep thinking I've made a post with this title before...

This past weekend was a more mellowed down one compared to before, which is to be expected, considering the turn of events that happened closer to the end of the previous week.

I'm not going to indulge in needless details, but essentially I was asked to do something that was not exactly in my area of expertise. When my said efforts didn't meet expectations for the project I was working on, I felt really bad and hated that I had to bug my superior to use a good portion of his time the next day to make a redeeming graphic.

On the one hand, I can exclaim, "Hey, how often do you come across a graphic designer that specializes in photographing tiny medical equipment?!"

But on the other, this just really goes to show that I should really get around to learning how to do 3D rendering so that I have less chance of having this situation happen again.

It's this feeling of having to rely on someone else in order to get things done that I'm not used to. And it's not until homeslice (and in a sense, my beloved father) pointed out that sometimes, it's okay ... that I realize I'm so focused on getting my tasks done and up-to-par, I forget the ideology behind what a team is. And yes, eventually, as a designer, I should be more independent, but that's not going to happen in a day. I need to be okay with that too.


That being said, I'm glad everything was good at the end. Everyone else involved was happy with the way the end results turned out (in such a short amount of time and notice too... a one day turnaround just to get that damn cover done, lol) and my superior and I are being treated to lunch sometime this week for our efforts, so I guess it does have a happy ending afterall.

It wasn't until this morning when I opened up my work email that I was reminded of the good times that does happen:

You'd think that Mondays would be mundane and dreadful, but it's not until you have an awesome superior who decides to hack away at an old poster and fool around that you end up laughing your ass off at the silliness that is before you.

As for the weekend?

There's the usual badminton on Friday nights, with a little bit of Survive (with the other badminton peeps), which was always fun. This group of people were especially keen on sabotaging each other's efforts, so it was highly amusing to watch the first round. I don't think I've laughed that much spectating a round of Survive until then, haha.

Saturday and Sunday was an amalgamation of more badminton (and getting my ass kicked in terms of stamina), tackling with having to conjure a logo from a generic set of words (and getting a free Starbucks drink unintentionally... AW YIS!), running around trying to find a damn replacement shoe for my Velbon tripod (to no avail) and.... surprisingly, a few rounds of Borderlands...

That venti Green Iced Tea Lemonade and Peach Green Tea Lemonade though...

Expect a post about Caplansky's sometime later this week?

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