A Ramen² Weekend

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I didn't think this would happen, but I ended up having ramen on both days of the weekend. One of them was a new place, which I shall elaborate on in a future post, while the other, I've been to already (it's Raijin, if you're wondering).

Ramen for this past Saturday was an absolutely lovely idea, considering how bipolar the weather has been in Toronto this year. It's not even halfway through September and it already felt like late October or early November! I can only hope the rest of the month isn't as cold as it was that day — I don't want to jump into wearing winter coats already :(

But anyway...

After a nice meal of ramen, I had the biggest itis afterwards, so I took a much needed 2 hour nap. I felt so rejuvenated from that, that I was ready to go for bowling later on in the evening.

With three other individuals from the badminton posse I described in my last weekend, we ventured out to a bowling alley to play for two hours. I haven't gone bowling for what feels like an eternity. It was a lot of fun, pretty carefree and a lot of laughing that made Saturday one of the most enjoyable days thus far.

Two hours went by pretty quickly, as we found ourselves hustling to get through the final round in the remaining 15 minutes that we had. When that was done, we went for a late dinner at Kookoo Chicken (which I will also write about sometime) for some fried chicken. It was one of the most unhealthiest meals I had ever had, but that was clearly forgotten when I was with good company.

As for Sunday, the theme of that day was that things didn't go as planned, for almost everything that happened.

My usual badminton session in the morning wasn't even scheduled and many people came without knowing, so the community centre staff set up at a much later time anyway because of the huge demand. That then delayed my plans further on in the day, as I needed time to wash up and prepare for heading downtown to watch a movie at TIFF later.

I originally planned to go to a Mexican place for lunch with my boyfriend before the movie. I figured, I haven't had that kind of cuisine since my birthday, so why not? I know I'm not particularly fond of burritos, but that's mostly because I never seem to be able to finish a whole burrito. It's always that last 1/5 that I seem to concede to, and that's not reason enough to avoid eating a specific type of cuisine altogether.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the showing for The Equalizer was at Ryerson theatre, not the TIFF Lightbox, so I done screwed up in food plans. My boyfriend saw that Raijin was not even a block away, hence the last minute changes and having double ramen this weekend :P

As for the movie itself? Unexpectedly brutal. I ended up burying my face for most of the scenes that involved Denzel Washington being an unconventional badass (for some scenarios, he kills people in clever/creative ways) cause I can't deal with gore too well.

Other than that, the plot was a bit lacking/empty, and some of the scenes were really "action movie" clichĂ©.

Oh and there was a fire alarm that interrupted the movie, which further delayed my day...

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