TBP: Scaddabush

Friday, 1 August 2014

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I've posted quite a few Italian places already, and this one kinda adds to the pile.


Actually maybe not really.

Then again, Scaddabush used to be Alice Fazooli's, which was an Italian Seafood restaurant before it didn't do so well.

Anyways, ever since the fall of Alice Fazooli's, I haven't tried the food at the renovated area until earlier this year, when a couple of friends decided to have lunch there.

It still had that rustic interior that I saw the last time they refurnished the area (when Alice Fazooli's was probably called something else and heavily reduced their menu), though I don't remember if they had the chalkboards placed around their brick columns by then. Nonetheless, I still appreciated them, as calligraphy has always been a soft spot for me.

Their menus reminded me of those from WVRST and HotB, using "hipster" font on textured/brown paper.

I ordered their Pesto Pollo in large, which was a dish of fettuccine, sauteed chicken accompanied with semi-sun dried tomatoes, baby spinach and basil pesto cream sauce.

The pasta didn't blow my mind, but it was still enjoyable. It was also a bit saltier than I expected, but it didn't leave me wanting to order something else. Would I come here again? Maybe, if I was at a loss of a really good place to eat, and was given recommendations of other more awesome dishes to try. Otherwise, I'd like to exercise my options...
Until next time!

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