NYC: Day Three Part 2

Friday, 30 May 2014

 a) I finally found my memory card during the weekend! Yay :) b) As it turns out, there weren't that many outstanding photos to process when it came to the Museum of Natural History. Hmmm guess I just lost mental count of my photos lol. 

No (natural) historic museum is complete without dinosaur fossils! What I liked about the displays was that they organized the fossils and other related artifacts by their evolutionary taxonomy, so that as you progress further into the museum, you can see how each species has gradually changed. 

We went to the Guggenheim afterwards, walking through Central Park once more. Unfortunately, the weird sensation I felt near my heel back at the Museum of Natural History worsened, and I had no choice but limp all the way throughout to ease the pain. It's funny, the last time I went to NYC, my left calf got overworked with all that walking (causing me to limp) and now it's my heel. *sigh*

I wasn't allowed to take photos of the artwork at the museum, but I at least got to take a photo of the exhibit title, haha. This brought me back to my university days when I had to study about the history of graphic design, in which a brief chapter was based on Italian Futurism. There were some artists that I instantly recognized, and some I had not come across until then. The exhibit allowed me to learn more about the movement itself, as I was exposed to art I had not seen while I was studying about that era, or some of the visual poetry that was popular at that time. 

My boyfriend and I split up after the museum  since I was still in pain and we still needed to grab our luggage from the hotel, I headed to Totto Ramen for dinner right away while my boyfriend headed back to the hotel. We would've had to wait even longer if I went along with him, as I already had to sign up as part of the waiting list when I arrived alone. The cramped space, structure and surroundings of Totto Ramen reminded me a lot of Toronto, since most of the places I went to had limited space too.

Once we were seated, we looked at the menu. I was excited to see that they had seasoned avocado as a topping you could add to your ramen, so I ordered it right away. I had the Totto Chicken Paitan Ramen, less salt, with seasoned boiled egg as well. My boyfriend ordered the Mega Ramen, while his friend ordered the Totto Spicy Ramen.

The seasoned avocado came out saltier than I expected, mostly because of the sauce they marinated it in. I was a tad bit disappointed in that aspect, but that was the only source of disappointment. The noodles were on point with no funky after taste, they had a good supply of meat without my having to order extra toppings. The meat itself wasn't the best, though I'm more lenient about that than my boyfriend would be. It doesn't quite melt in your mouth like Santouka back home, but it's still soft and chewy enough to be enjoyable. My boyfriend's Mega Ramen was huge! The amount satiated him and more, which was good. He even had meat to share among us as he didn't realize he would have enough to begin with (he ordered extra meat). Overall, I enjoyed it and would consider this a good place to go to for value and quality. It doesn't beat Santouka, but it's pretty up there still.

When dinner was done, we made our way back to the underground bus terminal near the subway where we first stepped foot onto NYC. We talked as a group as we waited, and finally parted ways as we made our way back to Toronto...

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