Friday, 23 May 2014

You know something is really wrong if your blogaway phone app can't even publish a new post remotely...

Finally, this hectic week is coming to a close, and so I shall spend some time this weekend to set this blog right. I've been having some functionality issues lately, which would require me to go back to square one (har har locals who read my blog would get my joke). So if my blog looks a little bare in the next couple of days, you know why.

And I know, some of you may be wondering where the hell the post for the last portion of my trip is, but to be honest with you, I haven't found my memory card yet (I thought I left it at work... that didn't turn out to be the case). I can easily post my experiences with the photos that I have (I'd say I have about 80% of the photo archive saved on my laptop), it's just that I tend to be a perfectionist and I feel that there are some photos I have forgotten to import and process on my laptop that would benefit your viewing experience :P

So hopefully, I a) find my memory card (not only to upload but that's 16gb worth of memory there) b) get this coding shingding worked out c) write up the last portion so that you can finally see (and also for me to be able to write other outstanding posts I've been meaning to write) the last bit of my NYC trip!

Hope you have a lovely weekend out there :)

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