NYC: Day One Part 2

Friday, 9 May 2014

So where were we? Right, the ROW NYC Hotel...

The hotel room itself was quaint, modern and obviously appealed to the graphic designer in me (notice the window blinds' phrases in Helvetica?).

Even the packaging of the bath accessories looked pretty modern.

After settling down, we headed over to the Intrepid Air, Space and Sea Museum.

I found it pretty cool that the museum was situated right inside the ship, allowing visitors to see what the interior looked like without it being altered too much (except for the Hangar deck, that was obviously changed to curate more items in a more museum-like aesthetic). Being an aircraft carrier, it also showcased numerous fighter planes on its Flight deck and even had room for a space shuttle pavilion...

The exhibit reminded me very much of the movie Gravity that I watched late last year, especially when I saw the capsule in the last photo. It's bizarre to think that some of the specimens were actually once in outer space before it was put on display there, and technology as simple as eye glasses would require some alterations to make it suitable for space use.

We also went inside the Growler submarine since we were ahead of schedule (and we wanted to avoid the rain!). It was quite cramped in there, even for someone who isn't claustrophobic. I was fascinated by the numerous dials and machinery in each compartment, as well as the layout of the whole submarine. I just wouldn't be able to live in one like the soldiers did back then though.

After the museum, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up a bit before meeting up with my boyfriend's friend again for dinner. Our meal that night was Ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar. I still have yet to try the branch in Toronto, but at least I can now compare the two if I ever go.

It was quite crowded by the time the three of us arrived. I think it was worth the wait — not that we waited too long. The interior was not that big in the first place, and if I'm not mistaken, the place was a combination of the noodle bar and the milk bar. Once seated (we waited around 15 minutes I think?), the three of us ordered the Momofuku Ramen, which consists of Ramen noodles, a poached egg, pork belly, green onion and fish slices. The quality of the noodles were comparable to the ones from Santouka back at home and the taste was too. The only major difference I found between the two Ramen places was that the pork belly from Momofuku didn't quite melt in my mouth like the kind Santouka has. I'm not super picky about the malleability of the meat, but it is a nice quality to have. Other than that, the price is around the same value if you compare USD to CAD dollars, and the quantity is roughly the same too (though I think Momofuku has SLIGHTLY more noodles). Oh, I almost forgot... at Momofuku, you don't have the option of asking for less salt on your noodles. At first I wasn't looking forward to my noodles after hearing that, but upon initial taste impression, the noodles weren't salty at all! If I remember correctly, I don't think you can add extra noodles either. Wait, I lied. Yes you can; it must be the fact that they took awhile to bring the extra noodles that I forgot, haha.

After a decently satisfying dinner, we parted ways. My boyfriend and I decided to work out at the small gym at our hotel after dinner, just because we knew to keep ourselves in check since we're not done with our food adventures in NYC :P

And that was Day 1! Hope you enjoyed following along with my adventure so far as much as I have. Day 2 shall be coming soon :)

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