I should be sleeping right now...

Sunday, 9 October 2011

But there are a few things I have on my mind — a) I am super excited to finally welcome my new lens to my (messy) home tomorrow! Now I can zoom more than the default 17-42 mm default lens, so when it comes time to stalking taking pictures for my Project 2 assignment in Time-Based Communication, I can be a bit more discreet about it! (Seriously, it sounds really bad, but the project essentially asks for you to be at City Hall and study the people there; pick a subject that looks interesting, photograph them surreptitiously, profile them and make a short film based on their emotional/mental needs) Now I just have to wait for Christmas to ask for a filter kit from Amazon.ca 8) b) Once I get said lens, tomorrow, when I'm done slaving away at the library, I hope to photograph some nice sunset photographs of shiny reflective buildings… because I grew a new interest in wanting to photograph them. Ever since my last time taking pictures in the sunset (see photo below), I've wanted to take more pictures of the sky and buildings because I don't really have much of those. And no, I don't think I'll turn into a professional photographer, but I'd like to be at least decent in this growing hobby of mine. Maybe it's just a na├»ve mindset, but it always seems that being (at least) decent in photography is a plus in my program/future career. Not that doing anything else is not a plus, but it seems that a lot of people are into graphic design and photography and they just come hand in hand? I don't know. Regardless, I've always loved/appreciated photographs with good composition, colour and mood to it (it's really evident on my tumblr), so why not try to make some of my own? Plus it never hurts to learn right?

So as promised, here are a couple sunset pictures I took:

On top of the William Small garage

Uhhh… I took this a long time ago. I forgot where it was and why o_O

c) Not looking forward to previously said slaving away at library tomorrow, since I'll be working on my annotated bibliography. Which reminds me; I'm gonna have to print my readings tomorrow morning and I don't even know when I'll be reading them exactly. Then again, six pages shouldn't be that bad. It's really just a matter of being able to edit my old bibliography from two years ago into something that is better *sigh* d) I should really get onto making my portfolio happen. I'm technically two months behind now, which is utterly pathetic. Maybe if I manage to have time tomorrow, get some stuff done? I really need to stop slacking. Seriously.

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