Collective Blog Entry #1

Friday, 7 October 2011

What a generic title... I don't really know how else to word it :P It's been quite a while since I posted here... I have to admit, sometimes my gamer/interior designer ambitions/ tendencies get the best of me and I end up wanting to create the most ballin' house in Sims Social on Facebook. Am I a loser or what? :P I guess it's an innate thing for me to want to create something aesthetically pleasing... be it school work or... a virtual house. Maybe I'll post a picture when my ambitions are fulfilled — it'll take quite a while though.

Ok well, aside from not having a life, I have, however, made my first homemade Mac & Cheese around 2 weeks ago.

Ok, so it doesn't look like the best thing, I'll admit, but it tasted so good! I don't know if there was supposed to be that much milk left over oozing in the glassware like in the first picture, but whatever :P I love how homemade the recipe was and it didn't have that "processed" taste like you would find in most frozen dinners... and it wasn't as salty. I didn't have bread crumbs with me so I didn't add that part, but it was still really good :D Interested in the recipe? You can find it here

I also went to the premiere of Breakaway at the Scotiabank Theatre in downtown. It's a pretty funny movie. I just wish I got a better shot of the actors though.
FYI: The main character is the guy with the varsity jacket (the red and yellow one).

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