Satiated/Never have I...

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I couldn't come up with a better title at the moment, sorry. It almost sounds like one of JT's songs back in the day — i.e. Lovestoned/I Think She Knows :P

I can definitely say that my stomach certainly feels satiated from this weekend's events, and so was my mood for the most part (I can't wait to process the photos and write about them!).

If my stomach had a face, it would be this, LOL.

Sure, there was that whack zombie apocalypse/futuristic sentinels dream (according to the dream dictionary online, dreaming about zombies could signify that you're stressed from forces outside of your control... which is probably that ideal deadline a co-worker of mine has set up for this Tuesday for those catalog translations.... *sigh* ...On another note, how did I manage to dream this shit without waking up in a cold sweat and screaming?! I absolutely hate/am scared of horror movies in real life and dread with every ounce of my being when I get dragged to one) or my really stupid misshaps getting to Mildred's Temple Kitchen today, and that odd encounter on my way back home today (I will elaborate on that later), but otherwise, I'm pretty chipper at the moment... I think. Maybe content would be a better word. I didn't quite get to spend the weekend to myself, but it was with good food and good company, so that should be okay.

As for the "Never Have I" part...

I know I joke around with friends quite a bit and say there are too many doppelgangers of me, but I've never had a stranger approach me and actually mistaken me for someone else.

And the funny thing is, his reasoning was because I dressed like the girl he knew. Um, okay. I didn't realize what I wore would make that much of a difference o_o

And to make things even more awkward, he inspected the ring I wore on my index finger more intently than I had anticipated, and I don't know, it's not like I would reach and hold a stranger's hand briefly to inspect their jewelry... so I just went right back to editing my photos on my phone to avoid any more unpredicted physical contact, awkward close proximity eye-to-eye contact or grilling questions. I was so relieved when he got off the next subway station... *phew*

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