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Sunday, 6 July 2014

My attempts at being productive have not proven to be successful today. Maybe getting this last stretch of lack of motivation by doing something semi-productive (aka a weekend blog post) may remedy this?

Aside from the usuals of badminton on Friday nights and Sunday mornings, I've been on a gluttonousness roll this weekend. Or least, it kind of feels like it. My homeslice's birthday has just passed this week, so I treated him to his favorite frozen yogurt for the time being before scrambling around trying to find a used FIFA 14 game for him, errr I mean before his actual birthday celebration plans in the near future (which I can't wait for.... I feel like such a little kid hearing the prospects of that day!!!) 

I couldn't help but get myself a cup either. Clearly a sucker for frozen yogurt, haha. This time I decided to get chocolate almond, since I wanted to try all the different "specialty" flavours Yogen Fruz has. I already tried the Red Velvet and the Green Tea with Mochi flavours last time. Sooner or later, I'll probably end up having tried all the flavours :P With the previous two flavours, I feel that they were definitely meant to "wow" you in the sense that they're really obvious as specialty flavours. Chocolate almond is a bit more on the understated side because well, you already have the option of using a chocolate base for your usual frozen yogurt customization, so what's so special about this one? Aside from the obvious almond chunks (I'm kind of neutral to that... with or without it, I'm okay with the frozen yogurt), there are actually little flakes of larger chocolate pieces in the frozen yogurt, adding more chocolate goodness to the taste overall. I say this is understated because I was a bit preoccupied by the almond flakes at first (I have this weird habit of eating all the toppings first in some occasions...) and I was too rapt upon the atmosphere and the showing of the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica match on a huge screen tv at the mall (of course), that I didn't notice until well into about 1/2 of my yogurt. 

But way before treating my homeslice to frozen yogurt, I wanted to meet up with him to not only catch up, but help him plan his trip to NYC. He's been wanting to go since what seems like forever, and now that he's finally getting the chance to, I want to facilitate his planning so that he enjoys it as much as he can, and as much as I did (especially since we're both designers... y'know). We headed to the library to plan and look over crucial things, but before that, we got a glimpse of the beautiful weather and vibe of the area outside:

Ya they were streaming world cup outside too, haha. We didn't sit outside for long, since the library was open for a limited time. It wasn't until the library was closed and we were at the mall that we ended up watching the rest of the game. I know a lot of people were cheering for the Netherlands (so much that this one guy did a back flip and jumped numerous times), and while I was mostly neutral, there was an inkling inside me that cheered for the underdog. What they lacked in offense, they redeemed themselves incredibly defence wise. Navas was not only MVP in my books... the defence men I had appreciated greatly also. They knew exactly where to go to assist the goalkeeper should he be away from his usual position, and they managed to keep the ball out in such crucial moments. Now if only the national Spanish team could take some notes from them...

Sunday has been pretty serene, with badminton in the morning, a small nap awhile afterwards (I slept kind of late the night before, being "interrogated" by an old acquaintance and being yet again, too nice to tell them to "fuck off kindly because it's 1 AM and I'd actually want to catch some shut eye"), then an attempt in being productive by looking into changes I could do for my outside of work freelance project (with very little progress, unfortunately). I ended up going out to try to look for FIFA 14 at another EB games location, while also visiting a friend of mine at her shift at work. She recommended this for me to try in the afternoon...

Although I was out of luck in obtaining a copy of FIFA 14, this recommendation made my afternoon better. I usually stick to chocolate related flavours whenever I do happen to be at B31R (yes, I'm one of the weird people that actually say EVERYTHING in the name), or at least have Cookie Dough or Rocky Road. I just had something chocolate related the day before so that's why I asked for a recommendation. I didn't quite fully catch the whole name of the flavour ("______ Citrus Flavour"), and I could credit that to the illegibility of the typeface used (of course, mini designer rant right here) but that doesn't really matter. I enjoyed this sorbet quietly as I chatted with my friend intermittently, and then finished up and headed back home. It was nice to see her since I haven't seen her during badminton as of late. 

Sooo now I'm here.

I should really get around to doing other coding tweaks....

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