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Saturday, 14 June 2014

I don't go to Brampton often, but when I do, it's to eat some delicious food... lol.

It's been awhile since I had a food post, and my boyfriend has been meaning to take me to That Italian Place, so why not?

There wasn't anything particular about the decor that caught my eye. It wasn't fancy and it wasn't shabby. I did appreciate the generous amount of light that flooded the place though, because it made the food that much more aesthetically appetizing (not that it wasn't already)...

We both ordered fettucine — I had the Bolognese and he had the meatball version. His was essentially the same thing as mine, except his meat was in the form of the meatball, while I had meat that was evenly spread throughout the sauce. It was a good serving size (deceiving small!) and a bit on the pricey side (that plate was for $8, the same price you would pay at a Vanelli's at a food court and get an even bigger portion there) but I would justify it with the quality. The sauce clung to the pasta well (sometimes, I'd experience a place where the tomato sauce would just slice off the pasta and the pasta would have almost no retainment of the sauce whatsoever), and the texture of the fettucine was just how I liked it — not too soft but not completely al dente either.

Because the dishes were deceivingly small, my boyfriend thought a lunch sized plate of fettucine wouldn't fill him up. Midway through the meal, he ordered a panini for $9. Again, a little pricey, but the quality was worth it. I was a little thrown off by the size of the sandwich when it came in (maybe I haven't had enough paninis to know their standard size, haha), as it was in a bulky square shape. Although I only took a bite out of it (I was content with my portions, thank you!), that one bite was satiating enough. I liked that the bread wasn't too dry. The cheese wasn't too salty, yet it still had a subtle taste, the chicken wasn't salty either, and there was a healthy helping of lettuce. If I hadn't ordered my fettucine, I would have definitely wanted to try their paninis. Maybe next time? That is, if I actually happen to be in Brampton and need a place to eat?

While I would enjoy eating here, it is a little out of the way. Then again, most of the places I've blogged about so far aren't exactly within easy reach either, so there's that.

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