Thursday, 26 June 2014

I've been, I've been losing sleep...

And now I feel like singing along with One Republic. Damnit that song gets me everytime.

Seriously though, my usual routine has been a little shaken up so despite the fact that I'm not lacking so much sleep, it kind of feels like I am : /

So I apologize if my blogging schedule is not quite as routine as it usually would be. Going into my 2nd week in a new job, I'm still slowly adjusting to the many new faces, commute, responsibilities, and time. Not only that, I've had enough extracurricular events, favors and tasks to do that I'm a little mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. I should be okay though. *crosses fingers*

In the meantime, I hope to be able to write a tbp during the weekend to fill your visual senses and appetite on previous food adventures!

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