Tuesday, 6 October 2015

To be honest, I don't watch Korean dramas that often. But when/if I do, I get pretty suckered into watching them (with the exception of She's So Lovable... for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to finish it because the premise of the story just felt so... wrong?).

This time it's The Producers.

**update: I finished watching all 12 episodes in the span of about a week and a half... oh my.

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I came across it out of curiosity for what was considered a good k-drama for 2015. The last one I watched was My Love From Another Star which also starred Kim Soo Hyun, and that was a major hit last(?) year. I'll admit, the first couple of episodes of The Producers started a bit slow, and while I wasn't totally reluctant on continuing on, I was a little skeptical. What captivated and maintained my interest was the acting from the main cast (even though Tak Ye-jin can be a bit annoying sometimes) that shaped each character beautifully. 

Kim Soo Hyun has all of the dorky mannerisms down to a tee, from the timid bowing he does for his elders, his sheepish victory smile when his little petty revenges work, his thoughtful elaborations to his lack of social grace in certain situations, proving that he's a credible and versatile actor. 

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Although I found her to be a bit overbearing sometimes (especially in the beginning), I've grown to enjoy Tak Ye-Jin more and more as the episodes progress. One reason being is that I could find quite a few parallels between her personality and mine, making her very relatable. If anything, I could say that I probably possess a good over 60% of her traits, with the exception of her physical appearance and some other minor details. I loved that she was a strong female character, but that she wasn't completely invincible either, making her more human. #spiritanimalone

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Cindy, I grew fond of over the progression of the show as well. In some ways, she's similar to Tak Ye-Jin, except replace "overbearing" with "brat", and her personality less brash and more calculated(?) and you've got Cindy. I personally think she has a strong personality as well, as she's rebellious and brave when she wants/needs to be. Her resilience is admirable, her delicate moments precious. She's also ridiculously adorable and pretty at the same time, and has unexpectedly useful traits outside of being a famous k-popstar... #spiritanimaltwo #lifegoalsish. 

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Overall, I thoroughly liked this drama. The use of interview styled shots was a refreshing difference from the usual method of shooting k-dramas, providing more insight and understanding in how each character thinks and reacts to situations throughout (I find this particularly so for Ra Joon Mo... he's not a favorite of mine, but again, for some people, I'm sure he's a relatable character as well). I thought the drama was a good balance of comedy/satire, drama/sadness and romance too, and the relationships between the main cast were so interconnected, believable, funny and thoughtful that I have to give props to the writers for keeping me on my toes and continuously wanting to watch upcoming episodes to see what happens next. 

If you haven't watched this yet, whether you're a k-drama veteran or not (and want to try one out), I'd suggest The Producers!  

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