Losing Things, Bubble Tea and Teriyaki

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

As is always the case, I tend to lose things during the year. Everyone does, no? However, I had hoped that this year, I could try to not lose anything that is essential to my daily routine/work/life such as my pencil case, lab cards, IDs, etc. So much for that. Already, I had lost the three things I had mentioned (ok, well my lab cards and IDs got returned to me today, and I didn't exactly lose them per se, but it still felt like I did) this year, and there are of course, other things that are not as important, but still have their place in my heart. For instance, the tassel ornament that I added with various other charms for my cellphone, I think it snapped off while I was at Chapters today :( And let's hope I didn't lose one of my necklaces, cause this time its value (and physical form) is definitely irreplaceable. Cross my fingers that my necklace is where I think it might be...

In shooting segments for my project 2 for Time-Based Communication today, I went to Bubble Republic because it's one of the more well known bubble tea places in my city, and from what I know, uniquely in this area with a vibe that is different from other places such as Destiny. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of kids today the time I went (then again, it is a school day today) so I might have to come back again to shoot at night just to capture its' very essence... oh well. At least I got my peach green tea bbt!

And the epic stairs of the City Hall :P (just because I had to do some footage yesterday for my Time-Based as well)

And here comes more pictures... of the Teriyaki chicken I first tried cooking last week! It was mostly a success, but the only thing I found was that I cooked the sauce too early so when it cooled down, it started solidifying! *le gasp* It still tasted good though. Just a note to self to cook later to maintain that semi-viscous texture next time...
Garlic rice mixed with egg and a bit of ketchup (this wasn't made by me btw)

Teriyaki chicken!

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