Why does it feel like...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Some of the posts I see from a friend's social media are about me? Is it really self-centred for me to think so? Or am I just drowning in guilt that I could do nothing about?


We should totally get Easter Monday off

Just a bit of a Reflection

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Dear 2015,

I wouldn't call you the best year I've ever had, as there have been some pretty awesome moments and some not so good ones. Thankfully the bad hasn't outweighed the good, and a good part of that had to do with how I handled things, both mentally and physically. It's been a rough couple of months recently, and for me to be able to still hold my head steady without completely breaking down (like I did back in 3rd year university), has been a dormant metamorphosis that I had not realized I had been undergoing until someone commented on it. I hadn't realized my strength, and while I still have quite a bit to work on, it gives me hope. Earlier this year, I didn't set new year's resolutions (because that never sticks). Rather, I told myself to try to make progress on the following:

1) Drink more water
2) Stop caring too much about things that don't matter
3) Stop validating yourself through other people's words

Funny enough, a friend's birthday gift (a 500ml mug) has partially contributed to my consuming of more water so far (though, I still need to be more consistent... it hasn't been so as of late). The latter two, I'm still working on, and will continuously work on. And really, those two (plus a couple of other things I'll add later on), just boil down to being happier in general. I mean, usually I'm a decently content person I suppose, but sometimes, certain memories plague my thoughts and affect me all too much. Often times I end up beating myself over them and being overly critical of myself... So with that in mind, this is what I hope to work on in 2016 (along with the original 3 points above):

4) Don't let your past haunt you/don't be too jaded
5) Actively seek out what the root of a problem is, and actually do something about it
6) Keep striving/don't be complacent, but know the difference between being complacent and being happy

Along the way, I've also learned some important life lessons this year. I realized I still need to be more assertive when I say "no", but also, I shouldn't have to overcompensate for others and explain myself continuously when a simple "no" should suffice. I've lost some friends but I also gained new ones, along with more bonding with certain existing friends. I unexpectedly grew even closer to my Australian cousin. And for once, I had forgotten that I am an only child and felt what it was like to "have a sister". I went tent camping for the first time. Canoeing was a first too. I still have some things I want to do that will carry over into 2016 for sure, but for the sake of this reflection, I can safely say that 2015 has been quite the eye-opening year for me. There may be another year or two that trumps it later on, but for now, for now, I'll stick with that title. As most cases go, I sit in the final hours of 2015 hoping that 2016 will be an even better year. It'll be interesting, I have a feeling about that.

2016: More knowledge/more life lessons, more adventure, more laughter, more humility. Let it begin.

Christmas plannings/festivities have me like

The Fragility of Words

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I know it's a little random that I've decided to post here again after being away for 2+ months (TLDR: I had a lot of personal and freelance stuff going on, so I didn't really find the time to be able to process photos and write about things), but there was something that happened today that caused me to reflect a little. It was the most subtlest of things, but still worth thinking about.

For a little background context, the topic of people not flushing the toilet after they use the washroom in a public space came up between a cubicle mate and I.

"Not flushing the toilet is barbaric."

Now, before it's assumed that I got butthurt about this comment or anything, no, it didn't affect me personally, but it just became a little important reminder of one's choice of words. Here's the thing. For the most part, most people would find the idea of not flushing the toilet repulsive. Heck, I do too, just because I'm quite sensitive to smell and anything pungent would get me running out the door. But then there are those individuals that may be more environmentally conscious (or whatever other reasoning that they may have) and try to preserve water or energy by not flushing constantly. Is that really barbaric then? I think it all depends on context, and sometimes the choice of words that some people use don't really accommodate that.

Some words are a bit too strong; have too much of a negative or positive connotation. It's no wonder that the English language has a massive variety of words, possibly in hopes of covering the broad range of spectrum in articulation. While the act of articulation is one matter, the individual that chooses a particular method of articulation is entirely another matter.

It's funny, usually we don't really think about how powerful words can be and how much impact they can cause. Sometimes I forget that too. We're all guilty of that.